The crack of a whip is the epitome of SM

It explodes like lightning from the hand of a Goddess, it snakes through the air like a dragon’s claw. It’s evil, languid, precise, supremely savage, and sensuous. In short, it is as sexy as it is dangerous.It can create a range of sensations from delicate to cruel. Therefore it can be as subtle as a lover’s tongue or as frightening as a chainsaw.

And what is the most amazing about it? After the whip cracks, it is ready to crack again, and again and again…

What could you possibly desire more than a strong, demanding Domina with a whip in her hand a a flame in her eyes?

The feeling for the slave is a mix between the desire and the fear. What is gonna happen? What comes next? Pain or pleasure? Can I handle the pain? Will i be good enough for my supreme Goddess? Is she gonna be pleased with me?Is she gonna reward me at the end? Do i deserve a reward?