Meesteres Mistress Emma – den Haag

Meesteres Mistress Emma - den Haag

Een aantrekkelijke, sexy, blonde, jonge Meesteres die ontvangt in een mooie SM kamer in den Haag. Meesteres Mistress Emma is gedreven en speelt haar spel met passie. Dit is wat Meesteres Mistress Emma leuk vindt om te doen en dat merk je.

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Recencie Mistress Emma - den Haag


On my way to meet Mistress Emma I stopped at the flower shop to buy her black roses. I needed at least a present to bring my Mistress in a good mood as I knew I had been so stupid: I had looked, just out of curiosity, at the website of another mistress and I know I had to tell her. Honesty, that is what Mistress Emma wants from me so I had to come clean and take the consequences of my stupid behaviour.

She immediately knew something was wrong, she saw it in my eyes. I stuttered and tried to hide my shame but she demanded the honest answer: what have you done, my slave! I told her I had looked at the pictures of another mistress. The disappointment in her eyes made me feel so small, I had betrayed her. I was no longer worthy of her attention. Mistress Emma told me she wants to send me away but I went down on my knees and begged for a second chance.

Mistress Emma looked at me and said she would think about giving me one last chance to show my devotion to her but I had to earn this. I nodded and whispered that I would do anything to make it right again. “Anything” she asked? Anything and everything I said.

She ordered me down and demanded me to count out loud every slap with the whip on my butt. One, Mylady, I am so sorry, two Mylady, I apologize, all the way up to 30. It was painful but I knew it was right, so I took. Mistress Emma then tied me to the cross and again the whip came down on me, on my back now. Counting and apologizing. And after that I was turned around and received 30 more lashes with the whip and I apologized with every single slap on my body. My mistake, I took the consequences!

I saw how disappointed Mistress Emma was and I begged her for forgiveness. I promised never to make such a mistake again. But my words could not convince her. She demanded me to lay down on the bed and she tied my hands. She took the electro box and explained to me what I need to take. “We will go far, she said. Show me that you take the punishment you deserve”. What choice do you have? You cannot afford your Mistress sending you away. It would leave you without guidance, with an empty mind and so much shame. So, I took all the electro shocks and pain.

Mistress Emma told me how angry she was with me and how disappointed. But she also saw how I took all the punishment and did not complain and that I was so sorry for my wrong doing. Mylady said she would give me a second chance, a last chance!

I was so relieved; my greatest fear had not come true. She had not sent me away but gave me another chance. Luckily this beautiful woman has a great hart and granted me to be under her control. I will never ever even think of another Mistress than Mylady Mistress Emma.

Thank you so much Mistress Emma!

Your obedient Alexander