Session of Mistress Emma


It is Sunday now and so more than 4 days since I met Mylady. Four days have gone by but I had no other option than to remember our session every day. My whole body is covered with blue stains, stripes from the whips and I feel the pain in my penis still today.
I am my Mistress’ number 1 slave and I am extremely proud to be that number 1 on her list. But Mylady was not that satisfied with me. For her birthday, I promised her a session with a totally free hand: do whatever you please and I will go along. I need to be honest! I couldn’t deliver as she used a whip that brought me to my knees almost immediately and I used the safeword very quickly to end the incredible pain. Well, you can imagine Mylady called me back. She wanted to discuss this with me and as she demands continuous improvement, she demanded a new session where I should deliver.

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